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Car accident victims commonly suffer from fractures or broken bones. The impact and force of a car crash can lead to physical trauma that will need immediate medical attention. Fractured bones from a car accident may happen when the victim is ejected from the car, is at the receiving end of a forceful impact, or is crushed by a solid article such as a car part, an airbag, or the pavement.

Bone fractures vary in severity, depending on the type of fracture and the location of the injury. It can be a closed fracture, wherein the broken bones do not cause a tear in the tissues or skin, or an open or compound fracture, wherein the broken bones are exposed and at the patient is at risk of contamination and infection.

According to experts in Ritecare auto clinic, Hialeah, the following are some of the commonly fractured bones in a car accident:

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Commonly Fractured Bones in Car Accidents