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Most of us go through life with twists and turns, ups and downs. At times our sleep follows this unexpected path. Most of our sleep issues are ‘self-limiting’, meaning it will resolve on its own and ‘self-induced’, meaning we cause it. If your sleep issues do not get better after 2-3 months, then medical attention is warranted. Sooner if your sleep issues significantly affect your life. Visit our sleep telemedicine site and find out how our sleep specialist can help you without leaving home.

If you have been waking up from sleep either groggy and requiring a shower, caffeine shot, or wearing a ‘do not disturb’ sign around your neck before you feel bright eyed – then you’re waking up tired. This is not normal. Other ways poor sleep can manifest is through low concentration, irritability, poor motivation, memory loss etc. There is another type of tiredness which shows up as a significant drop in energy level in the afternoon.