News just in from our client, South Florida International Orthopaedics about Shoulder Strains or Sprains: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

The shoulder is supported by plenty of musculature that work together to keep it stable while allowing maximum flexibility. These soft tissues hold the joint in place by connecting it to other bones and muscles in the shoulder area. This includes:

  • Ligaments - these are connective tissues that attach a bone to another bone.
  • Tendons - these are flexible, cord-like tissues connecting a muscle to a bone.

Despite their tough nature, tendons and ligaments can still get damaged as a result of overuse, traumatic injury, or as a result of shoulder conditions. One example of a prevalent shoulder condition that affects the muscles is a strain or sprain.

Read below as we discuss the difference between strain and sprain and how our shoulder doctor in Miami treats such conditions.

Shoulder Strains or Sprains: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


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