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My goal is to use the most advanced therapies, innovating ways to treat cancer in a more effective, less invasive manner. We all need to look beyond traditional approaches into uncharted territories,” says  Dr. Jason R. Williams of the Williams Cancer Institute. “We are closer than ever to finding a cure for cancer, and while there is further to go before this deadly disease is fully eradicated, with this book we bring about the beginning of the end. The immunotherapy revolution has begun.

Cancer diagnosis

If you are reading about intratumoral immunotherapy on our websites, it’s probably because you or someone you love has cancer. You are hoping to learn about the exciting breakthroughs in immunotherapy treatment.

To be diagnosed with cancer can be devastating, not only because of the nature of the disease itself, but also because conventional treatments can be excruciating, debilitating, and may not even work. Through surgery, toxic chemotherapy, and radiation, our aggressive efforts to eliminate any traces of cancer have often left patients with bodies as ravaged by the treatment as the disease itself.

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Intratumoral Immunotherapy