Latest update from one of our clients: Dr. Webster: What’s the difference between pain management and interventional pain management?

Interventional pain management is a subspecialty of pain management. It specializes in an array of pain blocking techniques, usually with the use of injection therapies, destruction of painful nerves using multiple modern technologies, such as radiofrequency ablation or laser procedures, spinal cord stimulators, dorsal root ganglion stimulators, intrathecal pump implantation, and vertebrplasty for fractures. If you feel like the pain became a part of your life and it prevents you from living it to the fullest, you are probably a suitable candidate to see an interventional pain management specialist, especially if the conservative treatment hasn’t helped you get rid of your pain.   A good-quality interventional pain management specialist will determine whether your condition qualifies for this kind of therapy. Interventional pain management treatment utilizes therapeutic approaches to alleviate pain without the use of prescriptions, which unfortunately is not a common approach among many pain management specialists these days. Interventional pain management specialists treat symptoms related to chronic pain, including discomfort, difficulty sleeping, soreness, and tightness, burning, aching, or electrical feelings. Treatments can also help relieve pain related to Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, neuropathy, headaches, bone pain, back pain, and muscle pain.

What is the difference between acute pain and chronic pain?

  If you’re not sure how to define the pain you’re feeling, be advised that acute pain is typically the result of an injury, illness, or surgery and it can usually be successfully treated within a few months of therapy. Chronic pain is more of a long-time, permanent pain that does not go away within a few months since the injury. That’s the kind of pain that makes people suffer the most and it can be immune to traditional, conservative treatment. It is estimated that almost 20% adults live with chronic pain - if you are one of them, you should seek help from professionals.  At our Kissimmee pain center, our interventional pain management doctor - Dr. Paul Webster - will evaluate which form of treatment is the most medically appropriate for you. In recent years, interventional pain management treatment and techniques have proven to be very effective. Many patients report feeling significantly better following their treatment. It should be noted that some patients can experience post-procedural pain where they have received treatment but that pain is short-lived and disappears quickly. If you are in pain and think you are a suitable candidate for interventional pain management in Orlando or Kissimmee, please Contact Us.   We are servicing the following locations:   Pain Clinic Osceola County location:   Pain Clinic Orange County Location:latest update from our clients  %Post Title Advanced NeuroSpine Associates            Advanced NeuroSpineAssociates 825 E Oak Street                                            601 South Semoran Blvd Kissimmee, FL 34744                                     Orlando, FL 32807 321-442-8009 (ph)                                          321-442-8009 (ph) 321-442-8012 (fx)                                           321-442-8012 (fx)   Contact Redcastle Services today and see what we have to offer. Read more about Medical SEO. Read our latest blog post about Medical SEO Services for Doctors For more info about Medical Website design 3 simple ways to increase online referrals for physician practices

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