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You know very well that December means… festivity! Whether is it Christmas or Hanukkah that you are celebrating, the holiday season fever is surely something you won’t miss! Ginger flavored goodies at coffee shops, scrumptious national dishes at your neighbours’, and the omnipresent, wonderful holiday spirit! Everything sounds like magic, however, there is one catch: Back pain.

Santa is coming to town, and so is pain.

At our pain clinic in Aventura, every December we are visited by multiple patients suffering from either lower or upper back pain caused by activities which they are not used to doing (e.g. shopping for hours, lifting heavy things, decorating houses) often in connection with the Holiday Season. To help you avoid sharing their fate, our pain management doctor in Aventura shares 5 tips on what to do to enjoy a pain free Christmas and Hanukkah! Don’t let back pain prevent you from enjoying the Holiday Season as much as you would like!

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