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Where can I find a good pain management doctor in Orlando?

If you are in Orlando and you are in pain, you are no doubt wondering “where can I find a good pain management doctor in Orlando?” Being a large city, there are many pain management doctors in Orlando to choose from, but you should know that not all pain management doctors are the same.

In fact, it’s worth taking the time to choose a good pain management doctor in Orlando right from the very beginning, else you could find that you spend several months (not to mention lots of money) on treatments which are not working.

Several years ago new laws were created in response to the rapid growth in so called “pill mills”. As a result, the State of Florida created legislation requiring pain clinics – including pain clinics in Orlando – to register with the Florida Department of Health*. The purpose of this was for the department to have more oversight over clinics which were – put simply – deemed to be less trustworthy and effective in terms of the pain management treatments they were providing. However, pain management doctors – including pain management doctors in Orlando – who were deemed to provide more reliable and effective treatment are not required to register with the Department of Health. So what factors did the State of Florida use when deciding which pain clinics provide good pain management treatment and therefore do not need additional oversight?

Pain management clinics which are owned and/or operated by a Board Certified or a Board Eligible Pain Management physician are deemed to be providing effective medical treatment and therefore are not required to register with the Florida Department of Health for additional oversight. In other words, pain management practices such as these were deemed to already be providing effective treatment.

To read the full article from Dr. Webster please click here to Orlando Pain Control Website.

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