Latest Update from one of our clients: Advanced NeuroSpine Associates: Pain Management: Why is it important to target the SOURCE and not just the Symptom?

When you’re in pain, your life turns upside down. Your normal everyday activities seem impossible to do and all you can think about is getting rid of this excruciating pain that does not belong to your organized and active lifestyle in any way. So you try different strategies - you try to ignore it, live with it, warm it up, numb it with painkillers, but unfortunately, nothing seems to work in the long run and the pain just keeps coming back like a boomerang.    We all have dealt with this condition at some point in our lives - a pain that no painkillers can deal with. The pain management doctors in our clinics in Kissimmee and Orlando meet patients with this exact condition every single day.  Unlike many other pain management specialists, our physicians don’t just simply deaden the pain with narcotics because they know this is not a long term solution.

“Our approach to treating pain is to first identify and then target the source of the pain.”

We believe that pain is the body’s natural signal that there’s something wrong going on. If you keep targeting the symptom and neglect the source, this can eventually cause some serious damage to your health and will not cure the pain in the long term. That is why you should never trust your health and wellbeing with so called “pill mills”: Pain clinics in Central Florida which simply prescribe bottle upon bottle of painkillers and substances numbing the pain and NOT trying to find out why the pain is there in the first place. If you’re sick and tired of the pain taking over your life, contact us at our pain management clinics in Kissimmee and Orlando and let our experienced doctors help you. Together we can make your life pain-free again, once and for all.

Advanced NeuroSpine Associates has two convenient locations for providing pain management treatments in Orlando and Kissimmee:

BOOK ONLINE Pain Management Clinic Orlando          Pain Management Clinic Kissimmee 601 S. Semoran Blvd                                825 E. Oak Street Orlando, FL 32807                                    Kissimmee, FL 34744 407-282-5809 (ph)                                    321-442-8009 (ph) 407-282-5810 (fx)                                     321-442-8012 (fx)  

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