Latest update from one of our clients: Types of pain treated at Advanced NeuroSpine Associates in Kissimmee and Orlando

Advanced NeuroSpine Associates is a group of highly-qualified, experienced, and skilled pain management specialists, operating a state-of-the-art, pain management practice in Kissimmee and Orlando. Our competent pain management specialists, along with our capable, caring and friendly staff, are focused on the comfort and care of our patients. We specialize in treating severe pain disorders which have failed conventional and aggressive out-patient and surgical treatment approaches. Our goal is to relieve pain and restore your quality of life using modern, multidisciplinary treatments that address the specific needs of each pain sufferer. Advanced NeuroSpine Associates utilizes the latest pain management modalities to address the patient’s chronic pain in the most effective ways possible.  

Pain Clinic Kissimmee: Types of Pain

As we explained before - we can distinguish two main types of pain: Acute Pain and Chronic Pain. To put it simply, Acute pain is often described as pain which is ‘sudden’ or ‘sharp’. Acute pain can be caused by many different situations or events, including any of the following: accidents, such as car accidents, trips, slips, or falls, fractures, burns and lacerations, dental surgery or surgery in general. In contrast to acute pain, chronic pain is longer-lasting and may continue for weeks, months, and sometimes even years. Because it can continue for so long, it can sometimes lead to psychological side effects, such as depression or anxiety (among others). Chronic pain is perhaps most often associated with back injuries, but can be caused by any of the following (among other causes): back injuries, arthritis pain, pain from cancer, headaches, neurogenic pain. Here at our facility, Advanced NeuroSpine Associates, a pain management clinic in Orlando and Kissimmee, we treat all kinds of different types of pain and conditions, such as:

  •  Arthritis
  •  Autoimmune Diseases
  •  Autonomic Disorders
  •  Back Pain
  •  Benign Chronic Pain Syndrome
  •  Bone Disorders
  •  Brain Disorders
  •  Cancer Pain
  •  Chronic Neck Pain
  •  Chronic Pelvic Pain
  •  Chronic Postoperative Pain
  •  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  •  Degenerative Disc Disease
  •  Diabetic Polyneuropathy
  •  Enthesopathy of Hip (incl. Trochanteric Bursitis)
  •  Facet Joint Pain
  •  Fibromyalgia
  •  Headache
  •  Interstitial Cystitis
  •  Intervertebral Disc Disease
  •  Intervertebral Disc Herniation
  •  Knee Disorders
  •  Low Back Pain
  •  Lumbar Disc Degeneration
  •  Lumbar Herniated Disc
  •  Lumbar Radiculopathy
  •  Migraine
  •  Myelopathy
  •  Neck Pain
  •  Osteoarthritis
  •  Osteoarthritis of Hip
  •  Osteoarthritis of Spine
  •  Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or Knee Pain
  •  Peripheral Autonomic Neuropathy
  •  Polyneuropathy
  •  Postherpetic Neuralgia
  •  Post-Laminectomy Syndrome
  •  Radiculopathy (Not Due to Disc Displacement)
  •  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
  •  Sciatica (Not Due to Disc Displacement)
  •  Scoliosis
  •  Spinal Diseases
  •  Spinal Stenosis
  •  Spine Deformities
  •  Spine Fractures
  •  TraumaticSpondylitis
  •  Thoracic Spine Pain
  •  Trigeminal Neuralgia

If you would like to find out more about any service or procedure provided at out pain management center in Orlando and Kissimmee, contact us today.  We are more than happy to answer your questions and help you get rid of your pain (of any kind!) once and for all.   latest update from our clients  %Post Title Contact Redcastle Services today and see what we have to offer. Read more about Medical SEO and SEO for Doctors Read our latest blog post about Medical SEO Services for Doctors For more info about Medical Website design 3 simple ways to increase online referrals for physician practices

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