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Why EVERYONE needs a PCP (and you do, too!)

A PCP (Primary Care Provider) is a doctor trained to treat patients with common, non-life-threatening conditions. This is a doctor you go to when you need an initial consultation or to check your overall health. This is the type of physician patients visit most often because he/she is able to recognize the patient’s condition and direct them to the most relevant specialist. We believe it is crucial that everyone needs to have a PCP that they can trust – in this article we will explain what are the benefits of having a great PCP and why you should choose an AMS Sebring primary care doctor.  

Sebring Primary Care Doctor – What does a PCP do?

PCPs are responsible for many things, such as educating the patient on a healthy lifestyle that can prevent various conditions, diagnosing and treating common conditions that… to read the full article visit AMS Primary Care website here.

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