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3 Tips when choosing your next Pharmacy Dispensing Provider

Across the USA, there are literally thousands of pharmacy dispensing providers to choose from. So as a physician practice it can be very difficult to decide which one is the best fit. This short article aims to give you 3 quick tips when making your decision:


1.Convenience As a busy medical practice, you have enough work and pressing issues without creating more problems for yourself. Therefore, you should ask yourself just how convenient your pharmacy dispensing providing is. Are they creating unnecessary steps for you?  Or are they making the whole process convenient for both your practice and your patients? First Coast Health Solutions provides onsite pharmacy, which means it is convenient for patients, who no longer have to make another stop somewhere else to pick up their pharmacy prescriptions. Likewise, FCHS’s automated system allows your office to easily keep track of your patients’ compliance, while also minimizing pharmacy call backs. In other words, the process is not just simple for your patients, but also your practice and office staff.


2.Pharmacy dispensing PRICING Of course, as a physician practice, you want your practice to be profitable. Physician dispensing is one way to provide additional revenue for your practice. However, you have to find a healthy balance. Excessive charges to patients and/or insurance carriers will – in the long term – lead to a loss of revenue, as insurance carriers and patients start to steer their business elsewhere. First Coast Health Solutions – thanks to its access to affordable high quality medications – is able to provide very competitive pricing to physician offices. This means that you can make a healthy profit, while still offering patients and insurance carriers good value for money.


3.Face to face support So we have all had that experience with a large multinational company which promises us the world, yet when it comes to support all we are provided with is a telephone number connecting us to some distant country to a support agent who doesn’t have the ability nor authority to help us. By contract, First Coast Health Solutions believes in face-to-face relationships. You will meet our local representative in your area, who is there to assist you in-person with any set-up or ongoing questions you may have about physician dispensing. Find out more about First Coast Health Solution’s physician dispensing solutions.


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