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Achilles tendonitis is an injury of the band of tissue that connects the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone. It is caused by overuse and symptoms may include pain, stiffness and swelling along the Achilles tendon, severe pain the day after exercising, and thickening of the tendon. It is a common issue in middle-aged people who play sports, such as tennis, squash, or basketball only on the weekends.

Should you see a doctor?

If you feel only minor discomfort that dissipates quickly, you can put off seeing a doctor for the time being. Moderate Achilles tendon injuries should heal on their own, too, and can be treated with relatively simple, at-home care, but under your doctor’s supervision. It is always better to check with your doctor first so he can suggest the best  combination of strategies. 

However, if you experience a sudden “pop” in the back of your calf or heel, and a pain that affects your ability to walk, you might have ruptured (torn) your Achilles tendon. See your sports medicine expert in Boca Raton immediately. 

A proper examination is always recommended to assess the severity of the injury since more-serious cases of Achilles tendonitis may require surgical intervention.

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