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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) pertains to two types of chronic medical conditions that may obstruct airflow in the lungs. These two conditions are called emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Patients suffering from this condition are prone to develop a cough and wheezing, or experience difficulty in breathing, and overproduction of mucus or sputum in the mouth. If you are experiencing these symptoms, consult your primary care doctor in Raleigh for a comprehensive course of treatment.

Largely described as a “man’s disease,” COPD has been ranked as the third leading cause of death due to a progressive disease, according to the American Lung Association. As of 2017, it is believed that 11 million suffer from this condition in the United States alone and the death rate is actually increasing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) cites, on the other hand, that there are 251 million cases of COPD around the world. At least 90% of deaths due to this disease occur in countries with mostly low, or middle-income earners.

WHO also projects that COPD cases will still increase in the years to come as the habit of smoking, especially among men, hasn’t been curbed. Furthermore, as the population of the elderly is increasing, COPD cases will remain high as this group is one of the most vulnerable to the condition.

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