Reputation Management for Doctors


According to a 2014 study by Software Advice the number of patients researching their next doctor online increased between 2013-2014 by 68%. The study also found that:

“nearly half of all respondents would go out-of-network for a doctor that has more favorable reviews.”

Online Doctor Reviews can make or break a Medical practice.

Prospective patients are increasingly taking the time to “check out” doctors online before scheduling an appointment. The result is simple: If you have good online reviews, the patient is more likely to schedule an appointment. Conversely, if you have some bad reviews online, the patient is less likely to call you.
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Is there a list of Doctor Review Sites?

Yes, the following are the most influential Doctor Review sites which are used by patients:

Why is important for doctors to be in CONTROL of their Online Reputations?
As the old saying goes: “A happy customer tells 10 people, an unhappy customer tells 20 people!” And the same is true of patients. Even just one unhappy patient can jump online and leave devastating reviews on multiple review sites. What is worse, the patient may exaggerate. Or worse still, sometimes the patient is not even yours and has mistaken you for another doctor. Such negative reviews can be very damaging for your reputation. This is why it is important for you to be in control of your online reputation.
How can doctors increase their number of positive reviews online?

Red Castle Services collaborates with Rater8 you to gather authentic, positive patient reviews which are posted online. New patients receive an email or text message asking for their feedback. The system allows for positive reviews to be automatically visible online, whereas negative reviews are sent to an internal spreadsheet, where they can be dealt with quietly away from the public eye.

How can doctors remove negative reviews?

In many cases it can be possible to remove negative reviews. If the patient has broken the policies of the site (e.g. used abusive language) then this can be grounds for requesting the review be removed. However, removing reviews can be difficult and time consuming, which is why we recommend preventing negative reviews in the first place.