Latest update from one of our clients: Dr. Webster: When is the right time to see a pain management doctor in Orlando?

Pain is something all of us struggle with at some point in our lives.

There are different kinds of pain and different reasons for the pain to occur, but most people deal with it in one way - with pain killers (which is not always the best solution!). This is not the most effective way, because it’s only treating the symptom and not the real cause. But the good news is that for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, there are several alternative treatment options. For example, Dr. Paul Webster – a leading Kissimmee and Orlando Pain Management doctor – provides several alternative options to prescription medications. latest update from our clients  %Post Title

What are the alternatives to painkillers?

As a Board Certified pain management doctor in Orlando and Kissimmee, Dr. Webster performs several interventional pain management procedures, which are also excellent alternatives to painkillers. These include neurostimulation, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, NCV and EMG studies, radiofrequency ablations, discography, intrathecal pumps, epidurography and lysis of adhesions, and injections. Suitable candidates for these procedures are first invited for a consultation at Dr. Webster’s Kissimmee or Orlando pain management clinic. With so many different kinds of effective and non-invasive treatments, why keep stuffing our bodies with harmful chemicals? Painkillers do not have to be the answer!  

When is the right time to see a pain management specialist?

You should consider seeing a pain management specialist if you are suffering from chronic or acute pain. If you’re sick of living with the pain and not being able to enjoy your everyday life to the fullest, go and make an appointment with a pain specialist. And when you do, make sure to see a professional - someone who treats the source of your pain, and not just the symptom. As a general rule, you should consider pain management doctors who are Board Certified. This means that they have reached a certain level of standards, therefore giving you a better chance of receiving effective treatment.

If you would like to find out more about alternatives to narcotic medications, please feel free to contact either our Orlando pain management clinic or our Kissimmee pain management clinic. For further information about pain management doctor in Orlando Dr. Paul Webster – a leading Kissimmee and Orlando pain doctor – please click here.

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