3 Myths uncovered about Medical SEO

If you are a doctor and are thinking about promoting your practice online, there are a couple of basic steps you need to take in order to start the journey of expanding your business.

First - you’ll need to get a medical website. Not just any medical website - a website, that is modern, mobile-friendly and accessible to your potential patients. But what’s the point in having a great medical website when no one is in fact able to locate it! That’s why it’s also vital for medical websites to have medical SEO to help position them at the top of search engine results. SEO is a step you cannot omit if you’re thinking seriously about taking your business to the next level using online tools. It is an underestimated, yet essential part of the process. Here are just a couple of misconceptions about medical SEO:

It’s expensive and time-consuming

Depending on your approach, you can save both time and money, optimizing your website for the keywords, you just need to be clever about it. Yes, it takes time for the medial SEO to start doing its magic, BUT if you entrust it with professionals, you can start seeing the positive effects almost immediately. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you hire a trustworthy SEO company that knows what they’re doing - such as Redcastle Services, who has already helped a large number of physicians get their websites to Google Top 10.

It’s not working

Nowadays, medical SEO it is one of the best – and most cost-effective – tool to bring more patients to your practice. The digital era that we live in allows us to approach business in a new way. You can no longer ignore the power of the Internet when it comes to attracting the clients and getting more business. Medical SEO will make your practice easier for patients to find, logically leading to more online referrals to your practice.

It’s not for doctors

It is literally for everyone who wants their business to grow, but doctors in particular! As it was mentioned in one of our previous articles, over 62% of patients are now looking for their next doctor online. Therefore, having a modern and patient-friendly website is a must. Getting that website high in Google search in order for patients to easily find it is even more crucial! Do you really not want that 62% of patients to be able to find you and use your services? Start thinking ‘technologically’, otherwise, you will lose yourself a large number of potential clients/patients.


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