SEO for Medical Clinics - 3 SEO hacks any doctor can use to grow the number of his online referrals

As an SEO company, we provide SEO services for doctors who want to get more online referrals. We believe that good doctors should be easy to find online. Many choose to do their own SEO, which we absolutely encourage, as long as it doesn’t affect the doctor’s main job! 😉 That’s why we wanted to share these 3 amazing hacks you can do to help with SEO for Medical Practices - implement these and you can be sure your website traffic - and patient volume - will grow!

1. SEO for Medical Practices - Evergreen content

If you’ve read any of our previous Medical SEO articles, you know that creating good-quality content is absolutely essential. That is, if you are serious about using Medical SEO strategies to get new patients. BUT what can boost your numbers even further is creating the so called ‘evergreen’ content. What does it mean? Basically, evergreen content is timeless. It can be useful to your readers at any time. How do you make sure that the content you create is indeed ‘timeless’? There are couple of principles:

  1. Aim your articles at beginners. Guides, basic knowledge, how-tos are very appreciated and bring a lot of traffic to your website.
  2. Revisit your articles periodically and update them in accordance with current events. For instance, if you noticed some of your older posts doing well, you can modify it to fit current trends and re-upload them. It can be anything from the presidential election to a tweet that goes viral! That way they can reach ever a greater number of potential patients.
  3. Show off your expertise Choose a topic that suits you and allows you to show your knowledge and/or experience.

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2. Yoast for better Medical SEO

Yoast is a great (and also free!) tool you can use to your advantage. If you are new to the SEO game, Yoast can be a great help. Basically it’s a tool that checks your articles for SEO and readability. In addition, it makes sure the article is working on getting your website higher in Google search. Yoast calculates your keywords, checks your meta description and show you exactly what needs to be improved. An absolute must have for any doctor doing SEO!

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3. Google+

As an SEO company, we always make sure that our clients’ posts get shared on as many platforms as possible. If you choose to take care of your Medical SEO yourself, you cannot forget that marketing your content is just as important as creating it. Doctors tend to ignore social media platforms, and even if they do share it on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, they forget about a VERY important one - Google+. It is actually one of the most efficient place to post your articles on. Why? Google+ is ranking as the 3rd most important social media platform in the world. Because it is owned by Google, having a Google+ account is going to boost your search engine rankings. And that is ultimately the goal of good SEO for Medical Clinics.

And there you have it - 3 easy and quick ways you can improve your medical SEO and grow the numbers of patients coming to your practice through your website. Also, we would love to hear from you - what are YOUR tips and tricks when it comes to SEO for Medical Practices?

Do you want to receive more online referrals, but, like most doctors, don’t have the time to do SEO for your website? Don’t worry. We can do it for you, and our prices are the best on the market. Need proof? Check out our Case Studies or contact us for a quote. We look forward to showing you what we can do.

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