SEO for Medical Clinics

SEO for Medical Clinics - 3 Reasons Why Your Medical Practice Needs SEO

According to a recent study (2016) 93% of people  use a search engine when looking for products and services1. That percentage includes your potential patients. When you look at the statistics, it becomes clear that SEO for medical clinics is a crucial and unavoidable part of growing your practice. The good news is, if done well, medical SEO can sky-rocket your practice to the next level and keep you busy with a steadily growing flow of patients. The question is - are you ready to grow your online exposure and multiply your number of online referrals? Here are the 3 main reasons why any business - including a medical practice - needs SEO.

1. Cost-effectiveness of SEO for Medical Clinics strategies

How much money are you currently spending on marketing your practice to your potential patients? We’re talking printing flyers, paying for radio ads, banner space, etc. Most doctors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to attract a larger number of patients, but the sad truth is, all their marketing efforts reach a limited number of people and often don’t really generate any actual patients. Why? Because nowadays, all the real marketing is happening online - as mentioned before, 93% of customers is looking for products and services online. Put your money where it makes sense to do so. Compared to the cost of countless flyers which go straight in the trash, the money you put toward SEO and growing your online exposure is a profitable investment and has a much greater ROI.

2. SEO for Medical Clinics ensures you reach the right kind of audience

Let us go back to the traditional marketing strategies mentioned above. Flyers, banners and radio ads - how much of it really reaches the audience that you want to target? Unlike those conventional strategies, SEO for Medical Practices generates traffic with a high rate of conversion2. What I mean by that is that the people you reach using SEO are the people who are actually in need of the services you provide. By analyzing and targeting the keywords patients in your area use to locate good healthcare professionals, you are able identify and attract your specific target audience.

3. SEO is the future

With the fragile economy and rapidly changing markets, SEO will become an even more powerful tool than it is now. Because its results are constantly assessed and easily measurable, it has the flexibility required to keep up with ever-changing trends. The benefits of SEO for Medical Clinics are real - use it to your advantage. If you own a practice and still think that SEO is not relevant for you, you might want to reconsider. Or you may want to Read the Case Study about Dr. Webster who gave SEO a go. You can also become one of those success stories! Give us a call today and see how Red Castle Services can help you get to where you belong - the Top of Google.

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