The Power of Content Marketing - How Does It Help SEO for Doctors?

Content Marketing is one of the most effective things doctors can do to improve their SEO rankings. Without it, SEO doesn’t exist, or at least is not as effective as it could be if combined with content marketing. It has become a popular phrase used among IT professionals and people interested in SEO techniques, and there’s a lot of emphasis put on creating valuable, user-friendly content. Why is it so relevant and how does it help the SEO for Doctors?

What Is Content Marketing?

First of all, let’s start with explaining the term in order to avoid any confusion as to what is actually is. There are some misconceptions concerning the notion of content marketing. First and foremost, many people believe that creating SEO content is content marketing but in reality those two serve two different purposes. Creating content strictly for SEO strategies (i.e. inserting a lot of keywords, etc.) is about improving your keyword rankings and ultimately bringing more traffic to your website. Content Marketing on the other hand is supposed to engage the audience, be helpful/interesting/informative/entertaining, etc. Naturally, in an ideal world, SEO-focused content should also be able to meet all that criteria, but it’s not easy and requires a lot of experience. Google is not easily tricked and it is pretty good at telling one from the other. What you should remember is that user experience is the most important factor you should take into consideration when creating content for your blog/website. People love good-quality content. Google loves good-quality content. People who enjoy the content you create are most likely going to use your services. If you focus on delivering what your audience needs, it’s a win-win situation. Keywords and other SEO-strategies are crucial to take your online presence to the next level, but in the end it’s the valuable content that will get you new patients.

How Is It Relevant To The Doctor?

For some reason, many doctors believe that digital marketing is not relevant in their business. We beg to disagree; with so much competition, doctors need to be aware that who doesn’t go forward, moves backwards. Nowadays, those who act fast and follow modern technology, win the race. After all, any business - especially medical - is now transferring to the online stratosphere. 62% of patients (and growing) now search for their next doctor online - they use Google to find a doctor, they go to your website to get information about the practice, they read other patients’ reviews online, etc. Google is the Yellow Pages of our time! SEO for Doctors is a rapidly developing strategy and probably the most effective type of marketing you can choose. Why is creating valuable content absolutely necessary? Well, it serves two main (among many others!) purposes:

  • Via SEO it brings new patients to your website, which increases the probability they will choose your practice next time they need medical assistance;
  • It increases your online authority and improves your online reputation.

As you can see, Content Marketing is highly recommended if you are serious about growing your number of online patient referrals. Of course, as a doctor, we understand your time is valuable and you don’t necessarily have much extra time to produce any content. Lucky for you, Red Castle Services is a company that takes SEO for Doctors very seriously and we create high-quality content for our clients that help to increase the patient flow to the practice. If you’d like to see what sort of content for the doctors we create on daily basis, have a look at our blog here or check out our clients’ testimonials.   

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