The beginner's guide to Medical SEO and WHY you should care

Medical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can take your medical practice to a whole new level. If done right, it can be a way for you to increase your online exposure and therefore reach out to a large number of potential patients. We’re talking big numbers here - numbers you can never reach from handing out flyers or putting an ad in the paper. Internet is a powerful tool these days - why not use its potential to the fullest? If you’re reading this article, it means you’re serious about growing your online audience and expanding your number of online patient referrals. Great! This is the best place to start - your medical SEO journey begins now.

1. Medical SEO - the basics

If you want to find out the very basics of medical SEO - what it is, how can it help you grow your practice - take a look at our website where we explain everything in an easy, comprehensible way. You may also want to check out our Free Guide about How to Increase your Number of Online Medical Referrals (available from our homepage). Still in doubt? Contact us today - our devoted medical SEO specialists will be happy to help you get set up and get you started right away 🙂

2. Why do you need Medical SEO to grow your business online

Simply put, you can be the best specialist in the area and no one will care as long as they don’t know you exist. You have to realize that it’s one thing to be good at what you’re doing and a whole other to let people know about it. Doctors tend to neglect the power of online marketing, which is a shame since it has been proven that over 62% of patients research their next doctor online. Don’t underestimate the ever increasing power of the Internet - it can help you take your practice to a whole new level. Having a modern and patient-friendly website is a must these days, but you also have to make sure it’s easy to find in Google. And that’s where SEO comes into play…

3. How can Medical SEO help me get more patients?

SEO is a set of tools to take your website to the top of Google search for chosen keywords. Meaning - if you are for instance an orthopedic surgeon in Miami, you want to make sure that whenever a patient is researching ‘orthopedic surgeon Miami’ in Google, your website comes up first. The more website traffic you get (that is, the more people visit your website), the more people end up making appointment at your practice. It’s all a matter of mathematics and probability. Need proof? Here it is - A Case Study of one of our clients that shows exactly what Medical SEO can do.

Medical SEO is the best way to attract more patients to your practice. It’s easy, quick and affordable - a perfect tool for anyone looking to grow their business online. If you’d like to find out more or get a free quote - contact us today and let us make you BIG online.

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Medical Websites  %Post TitleThis article was written on behalf of the practice by RedCastle Services. RedCastle specializes in Online Marketing for Doctors, including Medical SEO, SEO for doctors, and Medical Website Design. Contact RedCastle Services today to find out how we can help your practice increase its number of online patient referrals.

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