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We will be answering this question BELOW. But first, seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, we want to talk a bit about LOVE! At Red Castle Services, we love SEO. Yes, perhaps that’s sad. But we don’t care!

We love SEO

SEO is more than a way to get your website top of Google. It is an art. A skill. A craft. It requires a human touch. But isn’t that a paradox? How can a computerized industry require a human touch? Well, Google can tell if a machine is doing the work. Google wants real, human-made content. It wants its customers to find exactly what they want. And, usually, they want other humans or something being offered by other humans. Not machines.

That challenge, of getting a doctor’s site #1 on Google, that is what we love. And when we see it appear top, we LOVE that feeling. It feels good to be connecting patients with some of the USA’s best doctors.

Now, let’s answer the question:

Medical SEO

Do you LOVE the idea of getting more patients?

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