What exactly does Red Castle Services do anyway?!

So you may have heard about "Red Castle Services", seen the odd email or two, or even seen us on social media, but ever wondered what exactly we're all about? In other words, what does Red Castle Services do? And why should doctors pay for it?

What does Red Castle Services do?

In order to understand the present, you need to understand the past. Red Castle Services started several years ago when we noticed the changing behavior of patients. They were no longer using paper directories to find the phone number of the medical specialist they needed. No. They were using a new type of online directory called "Google". This trend is now even stronger than ever with over 62% of patients now researching their next doctor online.

So, in other words, you have your ask yourself this:

Is it easy for patients to find you online? Does your practice come top of Google when you search for your specialty and area?

Try it now. Go to Google.com and search for your specialty + your city. Does your website appear at the top?  Or even on the first page?

But we're getting ahead of ourselves... In order for your website to be found, you first need to have a website! Which brings us to the FIRST thing Red Castle Services does:

1. Medical Website Design

Red Castle Services specializes in building MEDICAL websites. There is an important difference here. Medical website design often requires many subtle differences to regular websites. First of all, will your website be handling patient information? For example, the ability for patients to register online? If so, then for HIPAA compliance reasons you should make your site secure and protected (HTTPS instead of HTTP, for example) to ensure that patient data is protected. Furthermore, some industry specific knowledge goes a long way if you need help writing content for your site. Our team has been working in the healthcare arena for years, including in managed care contracting, workers' compensation marketing, for a range of specialties, so we're comfortable writing strong content which will promote you and your practice. Thirdly, does your site achieved the desired effect? Let's face it - the mail goal is to get patients to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. Does the site effectively funnel them toward doing this? These are a small number of the MANY things you should consider when building your site. Luckily, we have built many medical websites before - check out our medical website portfolio. Read more about Red Castle Services Medical Website Design.

2. Medical SEO (Medical Search Engine Optimization)

As mentioned before, patients are now using online search engines (such as GOOGLE) to find their next doctor online. The process of optimizing a website to make it appear higher in search engine results is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Red Castle Services specializes in medical seo. Why does that matter? Well, ask yourself this: Why do doctors specialize in a certain type of medicine? If patients have a fracture should they go to a dermatologist or an orthopedic physician? The answer is obvious. The same applies to SEO. If you want your medical website to rank at the top of search engine results it makes sense to choose a medical SEO company. Red Castle has years of experience performing SEO for doctors, helping doctors to make themselves easy for patients to find. After all, what is the point of having a great website if no one can find it?

We provide SEO for the following specialties:

3. Online Reputation Management for Doctors

Have you ever tried Googling your practice name? Try it now. Do you see that Google rating show up? How many stars do you have? How many reviews do you have?
For example, if I Google "Dr. John Smith Texas" then I can see that doctor has a 3.7 star rating on Google from 3 reviews.

What do you think patients think of that? As a patient, would you want to see a doctor with only 3.7 stars? Or would patients be more likely to choose a doctor with a 5 star review? The question is of course rhetorical. Patients want to be reassured that they are choosing the right doctor. The worst thing is that these reviews are often misleading - with just 3 reviews it means that one bad review can seriously affect the average. And sometimes the patient has got the wrong doctor! Did you know you can apply for these reviews to be removed? Or even better - did you know there is a way to prevent these negative reviews from appearing in the first place? And that there is a way to increase your number of authentic positive reviews?

Red Castle's Online Reputation Management for Doctors does exactly that. This means that when patients find you online, they like what they see. PLUS there is an added bonus. A higher Google rating (with more reviews) also gives your website a greater chance of appearing in the top map search results. Try Googling your specialty + area now - do you show up on the map at the top?

4. Medical Content Writing

In the modern world of online marketing content is king. People find advertising intrusive. When we go online, we go online to find information, not to be bombarded with ads. Is your practice positioning itself as the source of useful medical information about your specialty? Are you positioning yourself as the authority of your specialty in your area?  Medical content allows you to do that. What is more, it also helps your SEO. The only downside is that creating a steady flow of informative - and SEO optimized - medical content is time-consuming. But luckily Red Castle has a team of ready-made medical content writers with years of healthcare experience, plus the journalistic skills to make the content INTERESTING and "click worthy". Read more about our Medical Blogging services.

5. Patient engagement

Did you know that your existing patients are your most likely-to-be future patients? Do you have a communication strategy to stay in touch with them and keep them 'engaged'? If you don't hold on to them, other practices may gain their attention. This is why Red Castle's online system tracks patient contact information and not only asks them to review your services (to check they were happy), but also sends them your latest medical content and posts. The more you stay on their radar, the more likely they (and their friends and family) are likely to think of you next time they need your specialty in your area. Read more about email marketing for doctors.

6. Social Media Marketing

I used to think that social media marketing was a waste of time. Or at best had a bad cost-benefit ratio. It can sap hours and hours from your day, yet it's hard to correlate any new patients back to it. That was until I learned how it can help with SEO. The main reason we run social media campaigns for our doctors is the positive effect it has on SEO rankings. We write fantastic seo optimized medical content for our doctors and it would be a shame to restrict this just our doctors' websites. We want the whole world to know how great our doctors are. That's why we post it online. Not only does it tell the doctors' online audiences how amazing the doctors are, but it also simultaneously boosts the keyword rankings on Google. Read more about Social Media Marketing for Doctors.

7. Workers' Compensation Marketing

In partnership with Agima Medical Management, Red Castle is also a leading provider of Work Comp Marketing for Doctors.

Why should doctors pay for these services?

Even if you're the best doctor in the world, if nobody knows it, then it's meaningless. Great doctors deserve to be celebrated. And patients deserve to know about you. We want to help you. We want the best doctors to be the easiest to find online. Are you a great doctor who is not getting your fair share of online patient referrals? Do you need a mobile friendly medical website? Do you want to be easy for patients to find online? Do you want to block negative reviews from going online? Do you want more positive online reviews? Do you want engage more - and better - with patients? Do you want to be omnipresent online? For all of your online medical marketing needs, choose one company - choose Red Castle Services.

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