Why a vote for Medical SEO will help your medical practice more than Trump OR Clinton

I'm not denying that there are policy differences between Trump and Clinton - or that these policy differences won't have an effect on healthcare. BUT, in the grand scheme of things, if you are resting the future of your practice in the hands of either Trump or Clinton, then, well, let's say you're a very trusting doctor...!

Why will a vote for SEO will help your medical practice more than Trump OR Clinton?

The person who can best guarantee the success of your practice is not Trump or Clinton. It's YOU. Let's face it - you care more than anyone else does. So why invest your time and energy in political leads when it can be better spent investing in your practice. In a world where doctors need to rely on themselves - and not politicians - what can they do to ensure their practices not just survive, but prosper? Medical SEO can be used to GROW your practice - and ensure the independent success of your practice.

Use Medical SEO to reduce your dependency on Medicare - or whatever you are most reliant upon.

From a risk management point of view, it is dangerous to be dependent on one single referral source. What if Medicare reimbursement rates go down? You need to expand your referral base, so that your practice is strategically positioned to survive any sudden changes or decreases in a certain area. Search Engine Optimization can be used to increase your practice's referrals from the general public. People who search for your practice online are usually a blend of demographics. Some are self-pay, others have private insurance, and other have Medicare. By increasing your number of online patient referrals, you are expanding your pool of referrals beyond one single source. What is more is that SEO is very cost effective. Because it's possible to TRACK how many calls and website hits (and where they are coming from), we can calculate how many people per dollar are finding your practice. Not sure how it all works?  Read a recent Case Study about how we helped Dr. Webster in Orlando.

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