Why you need to get a new medical website NOW !

Why you need to get a new website NOW !

Redcastle Services is an IT company which helps doctors around the US increase their number of online referrals. We successfully work on establishing doctors’ online presence, simultaneously improving their online reputation and growing their online audience. It all starts with…

A killer website

This is where the magic begins. Before we can even think about boosting a doctor’s online reputation with social media and seo tools, we need to focus on creating a medical website for his/her practice. And not just any website - a website that is modern, intuitive, patient-friendly and most importantly - accessible to all of the potential referral sources.  Unfortunately, the concept of having a perfect medical website still escapes many doctors. These are the doctors who underestimate the power of Internet, even though we keep repeating the mantra that 62% people looking for their next doctor online.  Most of the medical websites that can be found online are old-fashioned, poorly-designed, and not mobile-friendly. What message does that send about their practice?  

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Medical Website For Doctors - Essential Info

Here’s a quick tip that will get you started: A killer website designed for a doctor should consist of the following sections:

  • HOME - This is the first page of the website that your patients will see. Make sure it’s as impressive as it can be!
  • About the practice - You want to list the most relevant facts about the practice and the doctors that work on site;
  • Locations - This is the place to put down all directions/office hours/phone numbers, etc. Make sure the practice is easily accessible to new patients!
  • Services - if you make an effort to list and describe all services provided on site, you will attract more referrals! Better information, better health.
  • Blog - Often underestimated, the blog section helps SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which in other words, makes the website appear higher on Google. The higher the website, the more views it gets. More views equals more potential referrals. You do the math.


Trust the professionals

Redcastle Services is proud to have created many medical websites that have significantly helped to increase the number of online referrals. We believe that good doctors belong at the top - which is exactly why we make it our priority to help them get the attention they need. A perfectly designed, professional website is the best way to start. If you feel like your current website needs a little twist to become more modern and patient-friendly, or you don’t have a website at all - make sure to check out some of the medical websites we’ve created so far. Here at Redcastle Services the doctors get what they need, and much more! Contact us today and see what we can do for you.       Medical Websites  %Post TitleContact Redcastle Services today and see what we have to offer. Read more about Medical SEO. Read our latest blog post about Medical SEO Services for Doctors For more info about Medical Website design 3 simple ways to increase online referrals for physician practices

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