Workers Compensation Marketing

Accepting Workers’ Compensation cases can be a great way for your medical practice to diversity its payer mix. This is why many doctors are now trying to increase their number of work comp patients, so that they are less dependent upon their current referral sources.

How to increase your number of Work Comp Patients?

If you are a doctor or medical provider who is interested in increasing your number of work comp patients, the good news is that there are agencies who specialize in workers’ compensation marketing. They perform a variety of strategies designed to bring more work comp patients to your practice, such as:

  • Contracting with Work Comp Payers

    • Many states (such as Florida) have managed care Workers’ Compensation systems, whereby it is necessary to contract with Workers’ Compensation Networks and/or Payers in order to increase your number of Workers’ Compensation referrals/ Medical patients.

  • CEU Webinars to Adjusters and Nurse Case Managers

    • This presents your medical practice to Work Comp Adjusters and Nurse Case managers as the authority on your specialty. Adjusters and Nurse Case Managers attend for their Free CEU Credit, plus your doctor(s) become better known and understood by the Adjusters and Nurse Case Managers, instead of just being a name lost among many other physician names.

  • Telephonic & Email Campaigns to Remind Work Comp Payers about using your practice

    • Calling Work Comp Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys reminds them about your practices and your doctors, subsequently increasing the chance of receiving referrals from them.
  • Join our Work Comp Doctor Directory

    • Red Castle Services runs an online Work Comp Directory listing Workers Compensation Doctors in the USA. Being listed in the directory makes it easier for Work Comp Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys to find you (and subsequently refer cases to you).


Further information about Workers Compensation Marketing

For more information about work comp marketing, please contact

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